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The Nose Knows

Published Wednesday March 15

Photo: Bohemian

Enartis America can certify your nose for the bane of the bottle

There once was a bane of wine closures that made wine buyers lose their composure. But if you could tell taint from terroir at the tasting-room bar, you’d be that much less a wine poseur!

That is correct: a limerick about cork is as much St. Petersburg, Russia, Paddy’s Day theme as you will get out of this mid-March wine column. The rest is all about the insidious chemical compound behind the plague of corked wines.

Corked is a vague-sounding term that means specifically that a wine is tainted with 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole, not any other wine flaw—or, as I’ve heard a lot of times, that one just does not like the aroma.

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